Brokerage Services

 Sell smart with SHV Services. Our Brokerage Services Division offers discreetly brokered sales of high-value books, fine art, and select collectible assets to a diversified client base throughout the world. 
We regularly achieve top sales results for our clients by working smarter with the latest technology, choosing the best venue(s) for sale, and meticulously overseeing every facet of the selling process.
You hire specialists to manage important work and decisions in nearly every area of your life. Why leave the sale of high-value art, books, and collectible assets to chance and inexperience? 
Acting as your private broker, we personally handle 3rd party vendor selection, key decisions, inquiries, and presentation - overseeing every phase of the sales process.  Experience has taught us that proper presentation matters when it comes to the sale of high-value items, coupled with ideal venue placement for each piece, and a well researched description.
We consistently deliver for our high net worth clients by realizing premium sales prices, while maintaining a high standard of ethics in all dealings.
Items Considered for SHV Brokerage and Direct Purchase
Vintage Books  Lithographs, Prints First Edition Books

Oil and Watercolor Paintings

Posters Etchings
Antique Frames Music, Entertainment Memorabilia Antiquarian Books
Museum Exhibit Posters

Contemporary Art 

Leatherbound Books
Vintage Magazines

Art Folios

Vintage + Antique Cook Books
Vintage Art Photography

Art Books

Catalogue Raisonnés
Auction Catalogs

Author Signed Books

Old Baseball Memorabilia, Books, Pennants

━    FAQ   

  • Online Sales:  items are offered through various online marketplaces - eBay, Amazon, AbeBooks,, and more
  • Offline Venues: local, in-person sales, and regional or national auction houses are utilized when appropriate
  • What We Do: all identification, research, photography, listing, descriptions, Q&A, storage, packaging, shipping, delivery, payment processing, and customer relations ... ​so you don’t have to
  • Inventory: securely stored, handled, and packaged with the utmost of care
  • Shipping: we are experienced in global shipping, well versed in the requirements to do so; shipping is done in-house; insurance, security, and ideal carrier selection is always top of mind
  • Fees: our fees are competitive and scaled accordingly
  • Meeting Options: in-person meetings at remote office facilities, virtual meetings via Zoom or GoToMeeting, on-premises, or local café meetings options are available
  • All client information is private and confidential; SHV does not share or sell contact information with any party
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