Brokerage Services

PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting any new consignments, buying inventory, and/or accepting new brokerage clients until March 2023. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please submit a request through the contact form on the site.

 Sell Smart.
SHV Brokerage Services facilitates sales of rare books, fine art, and other high-value collectibles, worldwide. 
Results are regularly achieved for our clients by working smarter with the latest technology and by providing meticulous oversight of every facet in the sales process.
You hire specialists to manage important work and decisions in nearly every area of your life. Why leave sales of art, books, or collectible assets of greater value to chance or inexperience? 
By providing a professional level of product research, presenting products in their best light, estimating prices in line with recent sales results, and optimizing sales venue selection, we deliver exceptional service, while maintaining a high standard of ethics in all dealings.
Items Considered for SHV Brokerage or Direct Purchase
Vintage Books  Lithographs, Prints First Edition Books

Oil and Watercolor Paintings

Posters Etchings
Antique Frames Music, Entertainment Memorabilia Antiquarian Books
Museum Exhibit Posters

Contemporary Art 

Leatherbound Books

Art Folios

Vintage + Antique Cook Books
Vintage Art Photography

Art Books

Catalogue Raisonnés
Auction Catalogs

Author Signed Books

Old Baseball Memorabilia, Books, Pennants
━    FAQ   
  • Our services? All research, photography, descriptions, storage, packing/shipping, payment processing, and Q&A ... ​saving your time and work
  • How?  Items are offered for sale through various websites or marketplaces; in-person sales arranged via auction houses, galleries, or direct to collectors
  • Inventory? Secure storage, proper handling, and packing with the utmost of care
  • Shipping? As an experienced retailer, domestic and international shipping are offered. All shipping is done in-house; insurance, security, and ideal carrier selection is always top of mind
  • Fees? Our fees are fair, competitive, and scale accordingly
  • Meetings? Zoom, GoToMeeting, or on-premise options available
All client information is confidential; SHV does not share or sell contact information
    Questions? Submit a contact request now through the contact form